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Canada's most competitive and transparent
Merchant Services Company.

We provide our clients, large and small, with the top Payment Processing technologies, and the very best customer service – all while maintaining the industry’s most competitive and transparent pricing on Merchant Services.

Our professional management team has over 35 years' combined experience in the payment processing business. We pride ourselves on having the experience, knowledge and capabilities to provide our clients with the highest standard of quality service in the industry.


We work with our clients across Canada to set up Merchant Accounts that provide the most competitive and transparent pricing on all their Merchant Services needs including the latest Payment Processing technologies like Debit and Credit Card Terminals and Payment Gateways.

Why work with RBP?


Our efficient sales and customer service teams work fast to get you the Solution that will save you money.


Our team takes pride in a high level of customer service, with quick response times and a 2-4 hour window for replacements.

Low Pricing

We offer the most competitive and transparent pricing in Canada on all your Merchant Services needs. Request a quote today.

Industry Experts

Our operations team has over 30 years of combined experience in all areas of Payment Processing.

Payment Processing Solutions

The world of Payment Processing is constantly evolving thanks to new technology and products.
When you register for a Merchant Account with RBP Merchant Broker, you'll have access to a full suite of Solutions that will allow you to process payments in-store, online and on-the-go.

Credit Card Terminal

Our cordless Debit and Credit Card Terminal solutions come right to your customers, improving payment speeds and service while enhancing cardholder security.

Payment Gateways

Our Payment Gatewaye-Commerce software design, enables our customers to accept online credit card payments in real time. Helping your business integrate your online store, shopping cart, and custom applications directly with our Payment Gateway, quickly and easily.

Credit Card Terminal

We offer your business fully integrated Payment Processing solutions with leading point-of-sale systems. Allowing you to serve your customers faster, reduce operating costs, and increase the efficiency of sales and inventory management.

Long Range Wireless Terminal

Today's merchants are changing the way they do business. With our long range wireless package, you can accept payments anytime, anywhere with our debit and Credit Card Terminals. This fast and reliable wireless package is the ideal Payment Processing solution for merchants "on the road".

Virtual Payment Terminals

Our Virtual Payment Terminals offer a secure solution for processing your business' payment transactions quickly and easily over the web. Whether you sell in store, online, or on-the-go, transactions are quickly and easily processed directly from your device.

Telephone Payment Deposits

Our Telephone Depositing Payment solutions have been designed for your small business. Allowing you to authorize and deposit transactions from your device, providing you with the convenience of an electronic POS system without the required equipment.

Semi-Integrated Payments

Enjoy the benefits of an integrated Point of Sale system without the significant costs and time delays. This new Payment Processing solution enables communication between your cash register and your POS device with incredible ease and speed.

Running low? In conjunction with our partner MainTECH, One of Canada's leading distributor of POS supplies, we offer our clients quick and easy access to POS Hardware, Supplies, and Equipment with a streamlined ordering process and fast delivery.

Why use a Merchant
Services Broker?

Using a Merchant Services Broker gives your business the security and peace of mind that your pricing will never be touched by the provider. Every year the Payment providers will try and raise the pricing of merchants they service. With a Merchant Broker like RBP providers are unable to alter the pricing and must ask RBP for permission before doing so which we decline every time.

A Merchant Broker can assist in helping your business find the perfect payment solution for your business type and implement the perfect setup to accomplish your payment needs. RBP is always available 24/7 to answer technical questions and can assist in new additions and changes to your current setup while eliminating any costly implementation fees otherwise overlooked by the business owner.


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